Saturday, February 1, 2014

Post 1 from Christmas in Houston

Our family officially circumnavigated the globe in 2013!  When we came to Perth, we went the Houston-Dallas-Brisbane-Perth route on Qantas.  Then to go to Houston for Christmas, we went the Perth-Dubai-Houston route on Emirates.  We had 3 weeks in Houston to visit our family and friends.

Some behind the scenes logistics- We ordered Christmas presents off Amazon and then had them delivered to Chris's parents house.  We stayed with my parents in Riverside (about an hour north of the Woodlands) in a cabin that my mom fixed up for us.  We had 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a Christmas tree, decorations and a stocked kitchen.  The kids loved having new toys in a basket in their rooms after we arrived.  Ellie the Elf also found us in Texas and was still a bit naughty!

We had a quick visit with Stephanie, Jake and Brian.  Both of our boys wearing green jackets.

Lunch with the Aggies (TJ took the picture) and all our kids.

Had dinner with some friends from high school at Los Cucos in Tomball (after a haircut earlier in the day which explains the straight hair).

Had dinner with my brother JC at Pappadeaux's.

Last time in the gator before heading off to the airport

We also made it to church for 3 Sundays and visited our old workplaces.  We had lots of good food and our trip can really be summed up by driving and eating!!  We ate at Chuy's twice, Saltgrass Steakhouse, Los Cucos, Willie's Icehouse after church the 2nd Sunday with a great group of old and new friends, Daisy's Diner in Riverside where my parents eat 1 meal a day, Pappadeaux's, Farmhouse Cafe in Huntsville, Shipley's donuts for breakfast, Chick-Fil-A breakfast and lunch, Jason's Deli (recommend staying away from The Woodlands location-- long line, long wait for food, wrong food delivered, missing food, wilted lettuce on salad and "parsley" in the frozen yogurt), BJ's, Culver's and Cheesecake Factory.

Other highlights included Christmas cookies, Christmas times 2, the American Girl store, bowling with Amanda and lots of time on the ranch including Stef and Avery's visit for New Year's Eve. So expect many more pictures to come!!

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