Sunday, February 23, 2014

Typical Sunday and catch-up

This is a typical Sunday.  We went to church, class and McDonald's on our way home.  The kids decided to put on their "uniform" of Chuy's shirt with matching socks - Beau borrowed a neon green pair from Emilia.  They built a tent from blankets and pillows and are reading books underneath it.  I'm sure in a little while, Emilia will start yelling at Beau for ruining the tent when he gets out and starts walking on top of it… It happens every.single.time.

In other news, Emilia has decided not to take gymnastics anymore.  Her class moved days and it was really a blessing in disguise.  She started swimming before school from 7-8am on Tuesdays and Fridays as practice for the faction swimming carnival but she's only in Year 3 and she won't be able to compete until next year in Year 4.  She is also in the middle of the 2 weeks where her class swims for 30 minutes during school for swim safety.  Then she still has swim lessons and tennis once a week too.  So lots of swimming going on!

Soccer grading starts next Friday night for 2 weeks so she won't swim on Friday mornings during that time.  She started violin and loves it so far.  Getting her to practice that and a minimum of 15 minutes of reading is basically the only homework she has all week.  She gets a page of math (or maths as they call it here) and grammar that she gets on Mondays and has 1 week to complete.

Yesterday she had her first modified game of golf with the Girls Golf Club.  We also ordered her own junior set of clubs since all the other girls had them.  On Tuesday afternoons, the rare day that she doesn't have something after school, she likes to have a playdate with Sophie or Isaac, her best friends.   So birthday party talk has also started.  She wants an art party this year with boys and girls.  Painting canvases, photo booth, cupcake decorating and toilet paper mummies… Beau keeps telling me he wants a construction party even though he had one when he was 2.

Beau insists that he doesn't want to go to school on Mondays and Fridays but he's always fine once he sits down and the teacher starts reading.  He has swimming and tennis after school and is a good helper for Daddy at home.  He even likes dusting!  And he still likes having his toenails painted.  Right now they are royal blue "like the police."

Beau also has noticed that he's not in the picture we have out from Disney World.  He said that we forgot him at home.  We keep trying to explain that he wasn't born yet and Emilia is the same age that he is now and he was born when she was 4.  He just doesn't get it and insists that we just left him at home.

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