Saturday, February 8, 2014

New Year's Eve

We had lots of visitors at the ranch on New Year's Eve!  Bethanee and Marsha were still there, Chris's parents brought Bailey up, Kaley and Mia came up, and then Stef and Avery joined us for the afternoon and next day.

 My dad with the kids - Bethanee, Bailey, Beau and Emilia.  We were in the other gator with Chris's parents.


This baby was just born hours before on New Year's Eve!  Introducing Troy.  I was hoping it was a girl so it would be Tracey.  The mother is Tibby so my mom names her calves with T-names. 

Bailey and Emilia on the tire swing. 

 Bethanee on the swing with Mia, Beau, Emilia and Bailey watching.
Beau loves riding with Poppy in the tractor.  They were moving the hay out for the cows. 

One of the many deer blinds.  The kids thought these were hideouts/playhouses!  Check out the red glitter shoes on Avery… not your typical ranching footwear.
Bethanee, Mia, Emilia, Avery and Stefanie 

Avery and Emilia on the riding lawnmower. 

Avery and Emilia putting together legos.  My kids fell asleep.  Stef, Chris and I saw the NY countdown but we were talking and missed our time zone… by an hour!  Good times!!

Poppy putting gas in the gator. 

Avery is part of my family now!!

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