Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Christmas Day

We were still adjusting to the 14 hour time difference on Christmas day.  We opened the stockings that Santa left the kids in the cabin (Beau said that Chris and I were on the naughty list since we didn't have anything in our stockings this year) and then spent Christmas day with my parents.

Santa brought Emilia some Laloopsy peppermint doll and ponies, nail polish, legos, Hello Kitty slipper/socks (E calls them slockers) and fuzzy slippers.

Santa brought Beau a Planes coloring book, Planes slippers, skittles and Star Wars lightsaber chapstick.

Opening the presents from us at my parents house. Beau likes cars, trucks and legos.  Emilia got more legos and French Lalaloopsy and the little sister.

Emilia was so happy to finally have the Vader's Little Princess book

My dad just wanted his Shutterfly photo books!

 Poppy and Beau playing with his new Jeep with a trailer and front end loader.

Mia and Emilia got Lalaloopsy's with hair from Moppy

My brother, JC 

Michael, Kaley, Mia and JC's friend 

Earrings from Zorro (the dog) 

My beautiful Grandma. We all hope to be as with it as she is at 86!

Presents, presents, presents! 

JC and Aunt Carolyn (my dad's little sister) 

JC and my Dad 

My mom showing Emilia a book she bought her with stories from Greek Mythology 

Carolyn, my mom, Maggie and cousin Clifton.  Maggie and Clifton are having a baby boy and he needed a blanket, kangaroo and koala from Australia! 

JC and his FitBit Force.  Chris and I got one for Christmas too! 

Grandma modeling her new leather jacket. 

Uncle JC helping Beau get the remote control car out of its package. 

Emilia trying to figure out the Rainbow Loom that has taken America by storm.

Aunt Kaley helping Emilia. 

Trying out the remote control car on the patio. 

Beau feeding treats to Pepper and Pixie 

 Beau upset that he can't ride the tire swing with Emilia and Mia

Baby Jesus birthday cake 

3 generations - my dad, son and brother (with Zorro) 

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